"Part of the Parade" takes you behind the scenes at Citizens Bank Park, where you'll meet the other team of players – the people who have the place ready for you when you arrive. You'll learn what they do and why they do it. You see them the moment you approach the gates to Citizens Bank Park. You may recognize their faces, but you probably don't know their names. One has to wonder: "Do they have another life? Do they have a 'day job', so to speak? What do they do off season?" This book shows a rare glimpse at people who take their jobs seriously and perform flawlessly while greatly enjoying their time at Citizens Bank Park. They come from all walks of life and have many interesting individual stories." Like stagehands they blend seamlessly into the backdrop, making it their job to ensure things run smoothly and it's a good show had by all. And you'll understand, why yesterday, today, and tomorrow, without them the parade couldn't go on.
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